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Frequently Asked Questions

For your convenience, we have answered a few frequently asked questions. If you need more clarification, we are always here to help you out. Feel free to contact us!
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Does Lagniappe offer sign-on relocation bonuses?

Yes, we do offer both. These can be very helpful for new graduates, and/or people moving from one CMCO facility to another one that is located in a different part of the state.

What is Lagniappe Rehab's mission?

We strive to achieve the highest quality of personalized care developed with kindness, sensitivity, and compassion. As a company, we are committed to selecting and developing a professional team of passionate caregivers and improving quality of life. We will adhere to the highest standards of honesty and character, worthy of our trust.

What kind of hours do you offer?
  • Lagniappe has full-time positions with full benefits for those who work an average of 32-40 hours
  • Part-time positions receive some benefits such as paid time off and should average 20 + hours per week
  • PRN positions are available to therapists who want to work on an “as needed” basis.  There are no minimum requirements for this classification.
Do I need any special certifications to apply?

At Lagniappe Rehabilitation Center, we look forward to hiring compassionate candidates with the necessary skills for their preferred roles. Having special certifications will be an advantage for candidates applying when appropriate for our setting.

Do we provide education throughout your employment at Lagniappe?

Yes, each permanent fulltime and parttime therapist receives their own account with CEU 360. This is an online learning system that has literally hundreds of hour of CEUs for each individual therapy discipline. Additionally, they have hundreds of hours for each discipline dedicated specifically to Longterm Care. You can obtain all of your required hours to maintain your licenses through CEU 360. There is the potential for additional CEU specializations/certifications if they pertain to our population.

How do I apply for a job?

Please apply through our career center website, or click the link here lagniappe.hcshiring.com

What is the dress code for Lagniappe?

Because we consider therapy staff to be professionals, we hold ourselves to a high standard when it comes to appearance. Additionally, because each department within the facility has its own “color”, it is easy for patients and visitors to identify staff for questions and help.

  • Our scrub color is “true red”.  It is bright red.  All red tops and bottoms.  Any style is fine as long as it is red.
  • Alternative: black polo with collar and khaki slacks (not sweats or scrub pants)
  • Tattoos – we ask that they be covered as much as possible.
  • Piercings everywhere except the ears are to be covered or removed for work.
    • Not dangling earrings – studs for your safety
    • When you need “more” clothes, a black or white jacket or turtleneck under scrubs is acceptable.

* Each facility celebrates different holidays/events with special tee shirts.  Therapy staff are always allowed to wear these along with scrub pants on the designated dates. (No denim)


Does Lagniappe Rehab offer a Referral Bonus?

Yes, Lagniappe encourages our employees to help recruit new team members. The current employee and the prospective employee should both notify the Recruiter. The Referral Bonus is paid to the current employee after the new employee passes their initial 90 days of full-time.