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If you are interested in clinical fieldwork at any of our facilities, have your school representative contact Kathryn by phone or email.


We believe that students need as many opportunities as possible to observe and practice what they are learning in class. Lagniappe Rehabilitation wants to be a part of that experience for as many students as we can. We also know that working in Long-term Care is not always the environment that students “think” they will enjoy. However, if they come to us to do clinical fieldwork, they will find much more fulfillment than they expect. Long-term Care is not only about the very end of life. It is much more than that. We provide medically necessary therapy services in the Skilled Nursing Setting to patients with a wide variety of diagnoses including, but not limited to, neurological disorders and diseases, acute injuries and illnesses, and post-op orthopedic patients.

The benefits of our setting include utilizing ALL of the students’ skills, developing relationships with our long-term care residents, our patients who return home after a short rehabilitative stay, as well as those who return to us from surrounding communities for outpatient therapy services. We provide thorough therapy evaluations and develop individualized, comprehensive, and clinically appropriate rehabilitation plans of care to all of our patients, at all levels of function.

New Graduates

We at Lagniappe Rehabilitation services, LOVE working with new graduates of every discipline. We believe that new graduates bring a fresh energy and new ideas of how to treat our patients with the latest techniques and interventions available to help them achieve their goals.

We take the training and orientation of new graduates very seriously. We strive to facilitate a successful transition from student to licensed/certified therapist by providing a comprehensive orientation as well as ongoing staff support throughout the training process. We want your first therapy J. O. B. to be a great and fulfilling experience.

  • Our Clinical Coordinator will do documentation training with you.
  • Your Area Manager and Rehab Coordinator will do orientation to the facility and our documentation system with you.
  • We will assign a “mentor” of your same discipline to help you with every aspect of your position. This includes computer/documentation management, time management, patient coordination between disciplines, etc.